City Life Labs is a collaborative research program focussed on harnessing digital
and cutting-edge applied research techniques to help create more
Liveable, Affordable and Connected cities.

After an exciting and competitive Pitch Event on the 16th of August, the two winners of City life Labs Round Two have been decided!  The 'Arkicity - Cocreate Your City' project by the SMART facility and the 'Sydney Analytics' project by Geografia will become the newest City Life Labs Research Partners! 

Round Two Winners Announced!



Current Projects

A web based app that makes community engagement more efficient and effective.



We're harnessing Machine Learning for Urban Development Modelling.


One of two winners of our recent Round Two of City Life Labs - in early stages of development.



One of two winners of our recent Round Two of City Life Labs - in early stages of development.


A report based on primary research of over 500 CBD commuters and an extensive literature review.  Consistent with Go West? - Big Data Insights, it finds Sydney to be dominated by the CBD and suggests ways to grow other centres.  Key to these recommendations is an investigation of the spatial implications of forces changing our landscape, including the Aerotropolis, housing affordability, new employment patterns, disruptive business models, and automated vehicles.

Polycentric Sydney

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A web based app that will make community engagement more efficient and effective.  The app features an interactive 3D model of Sydney that will allow Developers to upload their concepts into the virtual built environment so that other users may respond immediately.

Urban Pinboard

Research on the performance of strategic and district centres across metro Sydney, using machine learning to understand what drives growth.  A lot of urban data has been crunched - including OPAL, land values, property sales, and industry turnover/employment - to reveal key insights that warrant consideration by the decision/policy makers involved in growing Western Sydney.

The project has progressed to stage 2 as Urban AI.

Go West?

Big Data Insights