UDIA State of the Land

National Residential Greenfield and Apartment Market Study

Willowdale by Stockland.


The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) State of the Land report has evolved over the last decade to become regarded as the most authoritative annual overview of the state of the nation’s greenfield land markets.

The reporting remit of the State of the Land report was expanded in 2018 to include analysis of the multi-unit/apartment market utilising exclusive data from CoreLogic. This compliments the market leading and unique greenfield market data provided by Research4.

The new residential housing estates emerging in greenfield land release areas and the apartment projects being developed within established areas are where public policy hits the ground. Public policy affects issues such as housing affordability, population growth, city structure, economic growth, land release, infrastructure and energy use.

Ultimately the new communities being housed in the new estates and apartment complexes are home to a new generation of Australians. For these residents, new residential communities hold their aspirations for their families and their hopes for economic security.

Find in-depth research and analysis on these crucial issues inside the reports below.


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